Meet our Strategic Alliance partners

훌륭한 제품에는 훌륭한 초점이 필요합니다. Barco가 분야 전문 기업과 협력 관계를 맺으려고 하는 이유는 가능한 최상의 솔루션을 개발하기 위해서입니다. 보완적 우수 기능을 결합시킴으로써 Barco는 시스템 통합을 최적화하고 고객에게 단일 시스템을 제공할 수 있습니다. 그 결과 다양한 특정 전문 시장에서 배포 단순화, 효율성 극대화, 대응 시간 최소화 및 비용 절감의 효과를 이룹니다. 우선 고객에게 그리고 관련된 모든 당사자에게 보다 유리한 상생의 관계가 형성됩니다.

Interoperability partners

The products of our operability partners have been tested to work together with our systems. Over the years, Barco has continued to build and maintain this ever-expanding list. You are thus sure to always benefit from the widest interoperability and compatibility, with the highest number of visual stream manufacturers out there.
Axis Bosh Cisco CohuHD Coretec CornetTechnology DvTel Funkwerk Impath IndigoVision Jvc Mx Nice OnSSi OTN systems Pelco Tkh Vbrick Verint vitek Vivotek

Reference design partners

Especially for our Connect! Channel partners, Barco teams up with Reference design partners to offer pre-validated reference designs, that answers to the typical needs of customers. This saves both time and money when assessing solutions and at the same time reduces any potential compatibility risks.
Logitech Nuiteq TSItouch UTouch Vidyo Zoom

Software product partners

Perfect integration with seamless operation: that is the benefit our software product partners offer you. This means that their product is seamlessly integrated into our system (and the other way round), so they operate as a whole. This provides end users a unified system that enables shorter reaction times and reduces training times. In other words, you can benefit from the advantages of both solutions, without compromises, at the same time.
Advancis Bosch Cameleon Cisco cnl Digifort Flir Genetec Indigovisioin ISS Lenel OnGuard Milestone OnSSI OsiSoft Proximex vidsys

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